Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The People-Meter

This comes from various conversations I have had with friends. Allow me to explain. A people-meter is what you use, on a scale of one to ten, when meeting a person for the first time. It has been decided that there are three categories within the people-meter. When you rate a person beginning from zero, and depending on what they turn out to be like, they will rise accordingly, this is dubbed as the Pessimistic-People-Meter. Those who begin and five, and will rate either way depending, fall in the Indifferent-People-Meter category. The final category is when you begin at ten and a person either remains there, or may fall a notch or two, or if they are really painful even further. This is the Optimistic-People-Meter.

I am in the Optimistc-People-Meter category. When I meet someone they always begin at ten. It is rare for a person to fall below five for me. However, there are some instances where this has indeed occurred. There is even one individual who does not even rate at zero, falling into sub-zero numbers.....

So this is me trying to find out if anyone out there agrees with this people-meter scale? If so, what category do you fall into?

I also want to point out that the People-Meter is generally used at the beginning and not with those you have known for a long time. Although, as relationships can and do change over time, a person may, from time to time, check on their people-meter designating a new number even.

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~~Sarah~~ said...

Oh, I love the People-Meter post! Very excellent! I believe that I'm an Optimistic People-Meter person, also. I also believe that people judge others based on how they feel about themselves. For example, I believe I'm a kind and honest person (mostly!) and therefore I'm always expecting other people to be like me and I'm shocked and hurt if they're not.

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