Monday, July 11, 2005

My troubles with eBay

I recently discovered eBay. I went on to try and buy some Adventure Games. Some may call these games interactive fiction. I bid on a few different titles and didn't get anywhere. Consequently I thought it would be more productive to bid on a couple of items with the same title. Big mistake.
I bid on two copies of the game Syberia and one copy of the game Syberia 2.
I won all three.
I dealt with the first problem (Syberia), by contacting one of the sellers and asking him if I could exchange Syberia to Syberia 2. He agreed. I paid and was waiting for item to come in the post. After about a week I received an email from the seller asking for a further $11.95. I questioned this, but he said it was because he didn't realise the price differentiation between the two games. He also said he had already posted it out to me. Feeling that I should do the right thing, I paid the extra money.

I still had problem two to take care of. I now had two copies of Syberia 2. In fact, the swapped game arrived in the post and precisely at the same time of its arrival, the other game literally had a few hours left of auction. I remember logging on every twenty minutes or so to see if someone had outbid me. To make matters worse somebody was fifty cents short from my top bid. Fifty cents!! I even considered sending this person an email, but contacting them was proving to be difficult. I madly sent out some emails to people that I thought may be interested in buying this game from me, if I was successful. Indeed, I was the successful bidder. Luckily for me a friend emailed me back and said he would buy the extra game from me.

You would think at this point I would have learned my lesson? Another game caught my eye. This was a brand new one. Released only a few months ago called Still Life. I happily bid on it, knowing it was well below retail price. After the ten days I received an email saying I was successful. I had actually forgotten I'd bid on it, until the email. Upon closer inspection, I saw the game was coming from Russia to Australia. It did also say that I would be able to install the English version. It has since arrived, but I'm having problems getting the game to run. My husband is convinced it is because it is from Russia. I think it just could be the game itself. Anyway, I am still trying to solve this one.

My final problem was when I received an email the other day, from eBay, saying I had not paid the seller for the first game!! This was the same seller who asked for the extra $11.95, and already posted it out. I could have ignored that additional request all together if I had wanted to. In fact, after I sent the extra amount he sent me an email thanking me for my honesty! And then to be accused of not paying at all. Steam was erupting from my ears I can tell you. I madly typed a response to eBay and one to the seller asking what was going on. I had receipts as well, which was good. eBay responded the next day saying seller had retracted his no-payment accusation. But I didn't even get an apology from him.
I'm feeling quite jaded from my eBay experience.

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prying1 said...

I've been wheeling and dealing on ebay for a few years now. 99% of my transactions as buyer and seller have gone well. One thing you must learn is to not bid as a impulse buyer. Check around through the search engine they provide and see if someone else has it cheaper or closer. (less postage and if it is close enough you might get to pick it up in person.) - Same goes if you are going to sell something. Look and see which categories do best and starting prices that get top dollar ending bids. - Always check the feedback. On bad feedback I find the response is more revealing than the bad feedback itself. Someone replies in a snit and that sends up red flags to me. - Always make sure to factor in the postage with your bid. If the seller does not list the postage WRITE AND ASK!!! - This will give you a touch of time to reconsider.

I lucked out recently and managed to get my eBay name the same as my BlogSpot name (hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean??? - I know. That is an unabashed plug but what do you expect? You brought up the subject of ebay.) :-)

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