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Reading, writing and watching TV.  These are my main interests and sadly they are all sedentary.  Sometimes I wish that I was one of those people who say they go surfing, or rock climbing or run marathons on their weekends.  Apart from these top three activities (for the mind I convince myself!) I also enjoy singing, walking, spinning and pump classes.  Again sadly, the latter two go by the wayside much too often.  However, my top three interests bode very well towards my blog.

I am a Librarian.  I have worked in public and academic libraries.
I once owned a cafe with my husband for one year.  We call that the shit year.  I have blogged about this if you are interested.  I have been at home since 2007 with my two small children.  I am presently doing a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching and my methods are English and Humanities.  I hope to graduate at the end of 2013, and hopefully I will find success as a graduate teacher and begin working in 2014.  One of my children will be just starting primary school, and my daughter will be in kindergarten.  This also means that I will have been home for eight years. 

I began this blog in 2005.  As I was doing my BA my major was Literature and I thought it would be a good way to self-publish some of my writing and essays.  This is how Scribeswindow began.  Since then I have been lucky to also add some travel stories, as well as writing posts of a more personal nature.  However, this year I would like Scribeswindow to evolve more into a Book Blog. 

On that note, books or genres I enjoy reading, in no particular order:
  • Detective fiction - cosy mysteries are a fave
  • Gothic Literature
  • Literary - especially metafiction or books about books
  • Steampunk
  • Chicklit
  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Classics
  • Picture Books - to my children of course!
I wish I had more time to read but at the moment it is a struggle with two small children.  Hopefully one day I will update this page and I can delete that bit.

I love blogging.  It has been a surprising and addictive hobby that crept up on me.  This year we began a major renovation'extension of our home.  It is significant and has been a long time in the planning.  Essentially we don't want to live anywhere else, thus our dream home is being built.  It has been designed with our small children in mind, then as teenagers and even when they leave home.  We hope that some of the spaces will be adaptable and interchangeable as chapters of our lives begin and close.  

I do write and have recently taken up a novel I began a long time ago.  I hope this year I will finish it.  So if you've taken the time to read this page, thank you.  Please leave a comment because I love reading them.

I find myself in so many places thinking this.

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