Friday, July 08, 2005

Are you a Buffy fan???

I admit to being a major Buffy fan. In fact, I am surprised at myself that I have not blogged about Buffy as yet. Last week the Buffy convention was in Melbourne, and Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) and James Marsters (Spike) were in town. I did not go. Yes, me, a self-confessed Buffy fan, did not attend. I also admit to my reasons not being very good. I didn't get around to buying the tickets. I did have one person to go with - but did not get my act together to organise it. I had even received an email, from said person, about the convention, but did not do anything about it. Does this now mean I am not a true fan? Some, I am sure, would say yes.
I own the whole series on DVD. It took me two Christmases and one birthday of specific instructions to family members, telling them, that if they were purchasing gifts for me, this is the particular season I was wanting.
Watching an episode of Buffy gives me a 'feel-good' feeling. Last semester, one of my subjects was Popular Culture, and we needed to choose one Pop. Culture example for an oral talk. I chose Buffy. And got a good mark too, I might add.
Researching Buffy was very interesting. I decided to focus on Feminism (of course!), Frankfurt theories, Postmodernism and Ideological Hegemony. I found quite a bit of academic literature. I was thrilled to have a reason to download all these articles on Buffy.
One of my DVD's even had an added extra, of the producers talking about Buffy as "pop culture 101". This was very interesting. Joss Whedon set out to make Buffy a Pop culture icon. Part of my talk was examining this notion. I came to the conclusion, that Whedon had made a success of this.
Even though the series has now ended. Buffy websites still get an enormous amount of traffic.
Sometimes I think about sending Joss Whedon an email, to tell him to make some stand alone Buffy movies. I think that with the way he ended the series - there are definite possibilities. I think Vampire Slayers can make it big in the box office.

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web_loafer said...

Whoops, I am a buffy fan....
a Buffy Sainte-Marie fan, Just thought I'd say welcome to BE....when are you going to jump into the Battle of the's fun....I have a losing record, but still enjoy it.

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