Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leaders who are readers

Just a quick thought, and this is spurred by the previous question posed in this month's Literary Blog Hop.  What if all our great leaders around the world were asked a mandatory question/s: what are they reading at present? and name one influential book you have read?  Would their answers sway you in any way?

 I know that Barack Obama releases his reading list and I think most people on the planet know what Oprah reads - who could be considered an influential leader. Do you know of any others?

However closer to home is an article from last year asking some of our Melbourne leaders what they read.  For me their choice in reading is very telling.    I'm not saying that there is anything good or bad on the list but I will dare to say the list seems somewhat predictable.  I'll allow you to be the judge. 


Jim Randolph said...

I wouldn't believe anything a politician told me about their reading. But it's obvious Obama reads because he's often photographed carrying around books as he dashes to Air Force One.

Daniel Klayton said...

An interesting thought! I'd definitely be curious to know... and particularly, curious as to who's reading fiction, and what sort of fiction that was!

Think you might like this article - I saw it awhile back, and this post reminded me of it!

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