Thursday, July 21, 2005

Just another day.....

Last week one of my dogs was diagnosed with epilepsy. I have two dogs. One is a Jack Russell named Kaz and the other is a cross Maltese named Nelson. Nelson now has to have medicine, half a tablet in the morning and half a tablet in the night. For the rest of his life.
I've also started intermediate swimming lessons. When I was little I did the dancing lessons and my brother did swimming. I had my second lesson last night. To top things off even further, our hot water heater is having problems. It seems to only work when it wants to. So, after my swimming lesson, in need of a very hot shower, I found that this was impossible. Had to re-light it three times before it finally got the message!! So, consequently I had to wait until this morning to have a shower and wash all the chlorine off me. Was not good, I can tell you.
Next week second semester begins for me at Uni. It's been a good mid-year break. I've done lots of reading, relaxing and I even managed to get to the gym a few times. I involved myself in some adventure games. Some call this interactive fiction. I love these games. My favourite games so far have been the Gabriel Knight series.
These holidays I played three games. The first was Postmortem, then Syberia followed by Syberia 2. I was meant to start another game called Still Life, but I've had problems loading it.
It keeps on giving me the message "cannot create renderer". Do any of you computer savvy people know what this means? Basically the game hasn't played any of the cinematics (which are the best bits). So the game just went straight to the interface where I could manipulate the main character. Anyhow, I've decided to wait until next holidays before I tackle all the computer problems. Also, because the game is only a few months old there may be some patches that will be released that may fix the problem. By the way, my computer is brand new from the beginning of this year, and I seemed to have the most recent releases of all the graphic devices etc.

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