Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Writing Formula

I've always been organised (in a very messy way - you should see my home! - but in my defence it's full of newspapers and books) and I like to have my diary engagements written out neatly with the correct time beside events.  I think in a logical manner, or it is to me, and try to be systematic with the way I do things.  I love routine.  Having children has allowed my love for routine to be de riguer.  I'm not considered anal, rather it's a routine for children.

This is especially evident when at this time of year many may be embarking on brand new routines particularly as the new school year is starting.  Well in Australia it is.  I love to sit down with my diary in front of me and nut out what's happening in the coming week, month, or even months ahead.  I love to say that on Monday we'll be dong this, Tuesday we shall be participating in that and so on.  With the advent of kinder this has made it especially so.

I think this may now give you some sense of the orderly (but messy) life I lead.  A few posts ago I wrote about storyboarding to aid in writing my novel.  Well it seems to have worked!  No, I haven't done anything as marvelous as actually finishing my novel, but I have structure now.  After going through and writing a storyboard card for each 'scene' of my novel, I finally got to the end and had lots of ideas to pursue.  I could write this part at this point, I could have this character do this here, and most importantly I had a reference to remember the names I'd chosen of minor characters.

What I have begun doing now, is writing a story board card for the next scene I want to write.  And this has now become my writing formula.  Because I know what's ahead, the writing is flowing, that particular word I want just springs to mind and I'm typing ever so fast.  I don't think I've ever said this on my blog, but I've been blessed with fast touch typing skills.  I can even do it with my eyes closed.

Anyway, I've been so pleased by this turn of events with my book I thought I'd blog about it.  Especially as I have been writing I have neglected my blog.  So, have any of you writers come across a routine or way of writing that helps keep you inspired?

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