Friday, December 30, 2011

Writing, Achievements and What's Ahead.

I haven't written a post about writing in years.  This is because other than this blog I haven't been writing.  However, for some reason a few weeks ago I returned to a novel that I started in 2005.  Having a chat to one of my son's speech therapists at a christmas do, I happened to mention this.  She pointed out that this was probably due to the fact that after a year of writing academic essays for my course, my brain was suddenly freed up to begin focussing on the creative.  As soon as she said it I realised that 'of course!' feeling that she was correct.

So happily I have returned to some characters from this novel.  Almost like resuming old friendships.  In 2005 I had written almost 30'000 words.  Yep.  That much.  Then I came to a DEAD END.  It was very frustrating, but as I re-read what I had written I suddenly had a thought.  An an end came to me.  Just like that.  Now you must remember that I am still yet to write it.  I'm not going to say anything else about this book, because I'm a big believer in not talking, but rather writing it.  This was after I discovered the fifteen commandments about mystery writing, that I posted many years ago, that really can be said for any kind of writing.  Ever since reading these commandments I've followed them and I find them helpful.

At the moment I am storyboarding my novel.  Tedious but I think it needs to be done.  I need to formulate it into some kind of plan and then I need to write it off the storyboards that will show the ending.  Does anyone else write this way?  I have never done so before, but I think it will work for me. 

The only negative thing about being inspired to write this novel again?  Not being able to blog as frequently as I wish.

So, in light of it being a New Year (almost), I want to reminisce on 2011 and what I hope to do in 2012.

  • Knocked off a year of my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching.
  • Began the renovation/extension of our home.
  • My amazing son began to truly talk.  I can now have a conversation with him.
  • My daughter is another year older and a delight.
  • In my eyes my husband is still amazing after all these years.
So let me just take a moment to voice my appreciation and give thanks for everything I have.


I hate to say resolutions, but I suppose really that's what this is.
  • We will be focussing on our extension/renovation this year.
  • I will finish my novel.
  • I will try to blog more.
  • My son begins four year old kinder and will continue his therapy.  I hope he will continue to go from strength to strength.
  • As I am taking a break from study this year, I will have my daughter with me full time.  We will be attending many playgroups.  And parks.  And the library.
  • Dare I say it?  Okaaaay then.  I will exercise more this year.......
What about you?  What have you done this year that you would like to share?  What do you hope to be doing next year? 

Happy New Year everyone.

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