Saturday, January 07, 2012

Follow my book blog friday

If you are new to the #FF fun, Feature & Follow Friday is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. Feature & Follow Friday is now hosted by TWO hosts, Rachel of Parajunkee and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it'll allow us to show off more new blogs!

Question of the Week: Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

I have twelve books sitting on my bedside table at home waiting for me to read.  On my TBR list on Libary thing - not so tangible - there are 156.  So many books and so little time!  As we are building at the moment I've got heaps of books that I've packed away.  Saved for my wall of books.


Nicki J Markus said...

Thanks for the follow, following back. We hope to move somewhere bigger this year. I hope I can then have my 1000+ books out on bookshelves rather than packed away in boxes!

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. So nice to have a low number of actual books. I need to be more like that.
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Sam said...

Hi! Stopping by for the follow hop. I love your blog design! Happy to be a new follower. Have fun reading some of your unread books. :)

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