Friday, October 06, 2006

Fifteen commandments for mystery writer's who want to be published

Brought to you by You can write mystery.

I. Thou shalt think like a professional starting now.

II. Thou shalt begin and keep going till you're
Writing is rewriting. Let that give you confidence as you stumble along - you can
make it better after you finish a draft.

III. Thou shalt take your efforts and desires seriously.

IV. Thou shalt call it work.

V. Thou shalt write for yourself, not the market.

VI. Thou shalt not wait for visits from the muse.

VII. Thou shalt not ask whether you are good enough.

VIII. Thou shalt not intimidate yourself by comparing
your writing with a published and polished work.

IX. Thou shalt not worry whether your idea is new

X. Thou shalt not talk your idea away.
The words on the page will allow the reader to live your story. If you tell it to
someone the xperience will be completely different and disappointing.
XI. Thou shalt not self-censor at all during the first

XII. Thou shalt not risk writer's paralysis by looking
for the precise word or being afraid of sounding

XIII. Thou shalt not believe that if writing's hard, you must be no good.

XIV. Thou shalt not set yourself up for failure with
impossible goals.

XV. Thou shalt not believe in writer's block.

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