Thursday, August 04, 2011

When Australia has to do it's homework

Next Tuesday the 9th of August 2011 is Census night. This is when, presumably, the whole of Australia fills out a form, in our case it's the household form, providing details that can then be used as information to create a better Australia.

Personally I don't have a problem with a Census, but that's because I have Socialist leanings. Somewhere deep down I truly believe that the government is working for us. And also, for some reason I don't mind filling out the form.

The last Census was done on the 7 August 2006, and this got me thinking about how much has changed for me. In this year's Census, I will be providing details about my two young children, and that I am not working, but studying. My husband's details I don't think have changed too much, other than providing a different age. This also got me thinking, how does the Census reflect how much women's lives go through chapters?

Census time in 2006, I didn't have children, I was working and I was at the very end of my final year in my degree. I remember filling out the bit for highest qualification achieved, and feeling a little annoyed that I was a few months away from that. This time round of course I can with great glee put down a BA but again I won't be able to put down my Post-graduate qualification until the next Census.

The Census before that was the year after we got married. So essentially we were newly-weds, working hard, and having just bought a house had the mortgage looming over us. Each time I have filled out the Census form I have lived and am living in a different household. Yes it has been in the same house, but the whole dynamic each time is completely different. The time before that I was still living at home, I suppose my mum filled in the form on my behalf.

So, next Tuesday the nation will sit down and do its homework, that is fill in their forms, and I wonder how many other people see the changes and twists and turns that their life has taken too?

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