Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My style is......

There's a regular segment in my Sunday newspaper - The Sunday Age M magazine - called 'Streetseen'. This segment seemingly plucks everyday people from the street and asks them who they are and what they're wearing. I'm always fascinated that these people can answer the question: My style is? They do so with such bravado, such confidence.
This got me thinking. How would I describe my style? This week's paper had a PHD Monash university student describing herself as academic chic. That's what I want to be! Unfortunately I'm far from it. Academic chic to me means tailored trousers, tweed, vests, feminine blouses with pencil skirts, structured clothes and good quality leather footwear. The sort of clothing you most definitely won't wear in a sandpit.

In trying to describe my style I came up with a few ideas: comfortable sportswear; doesn't need ironing; Can I pick up the kids in this?; OMG I need to go shopping, this will have to do; OMG I need to put a wash on, this will have to do; fashion for the curvacious.

So as you can see, I don't think a journalist would approach me on the street, as I probably wouldn't meet their criteria. But I will say that I admire a person who can straight out describe their fashion sense. Personally I find it difficult to put my finger on it, so to be able to say that your style is say, androgynous, gypsy hippie, tea-party or trendy vintage takes a great deal of really knowing yourself and being able to express it.

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