Monday, August 29, 2011


This week when I went to pick up my kids from their daycare there was a sign on my son's room door announcing that next week will be 'Dress Up Week'! Oh goody, something extra for me to do. Just to clarify I am in no way craftily creative, so me making costumes just doesn't work. In fact, that's the sort of thing my husband is great at, but he probably won't have enough time this weekend to make anything.

We're being urged to rummage around op shops, find bits of fabric at home (we don't have that sort of stuff), dress up in costumes they already have or come in traditional dress, also something we don't have lying around. So off to the shops I headed and bought my son a costume. It is a lovely commercial representation of Lightning McQueen, a character my son absolutely adores.
The whole notion of dress up week is exploring the notion of identity. Our classroom teacher has observed many of the students pretending to be superheroes, or good or bad characters and she hopes that the dressing up will lead to some thought provoking questions where they can explore different emotions. Not bad for a bunch of four year olds.

I haven't shown my son his costume yet. I squirrelled it away into the top part of his wardrobe, but I think that perhaps we can do a big unveiling tonight and let him try it on as he's supposed to wear it tomorrow. I'm just hoping that I can somehow get him to wriggle out of it later for bathtime......

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