Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Travel plans and uni.

This semester I'm doing a journalism subject. One of my assignments is to do a story on my local area. My local library recently introduced an online book group. I thought this may be good to explore a little further. Yesterday I interviewed one of the librarians who is the moderator for the group. I'm also trying to set up and interview with staff at the council to find out what sort of other Internet groups there may be in the area. Through searching I found a project that provides the Internet for a disadvantaged community through a housing estate. I thought I could maybe juxtapose the story with what I've been learning in my sociology subject. We have been looking at issues of identity and community online. Also, I'm hoping the story will be able to promote the online book group in the library as well.
Well I leave for Holland, Amsterdam on Tuesday. We will be in Amsterdam for nine days and I found out just last night that there are four days in California as well! I haven't been to either of these countries before so I'm looking forward to it. I'm planning on writing my article whilst I'm away. The deadline for the story is the Wednesday 12 October, and I return only on the Tuesday! I'm going to try and get a week's extension.
I'm on mid-semester break at the moment. I thought it would be really quiet. Catch up on reading for uni and the fiction I've been wanting to read for myself. Organise my assignments for the rest of semester. Do some excercise - this usually falls by the wayside during semester! It was going to be time to chill out. Of course I still have to go to work, but because this is part-time I don't mind going. It breaks up the week. Now I've got some travel to look forward to as well. :)

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