Monday, September 12, 2005

Identity, Community and Blogs.

I've got three essays due this week. For the past two weekends, that's all I've been doing. Essays. It's now approaching mid-semester break, and believe me, I really need a break. I haven't even found the time to post! One of my essays is worth 50% of my mark! If I don't do well in it, then the other 50% is from an exam. And I'm dreadful at exams!!!
I'm doing a minor in Sociology. One of my subjects is called eSociety. The assignment is to find an electronic resource of some sort and apply sociological theory to it. We could choose a website, a MUD, an online forum, a chat site, anything we wished. Guess what I chose? Now I'm going to horrify some of you. I had to choose someone's blog to evaluate sociologically. The concepts I chose to examine were identity and community. I think I chose this person's blog wisely, because quite frankly there was a lot of golden evidence within to support my examined theories. Have you, as a blogger, ever thought about the identity you portray on your blog? How different is it to you in real life? Are only positive aspects about yourself emphasised? The community part was really interesting. Do you consider yourself part of an online community just by participating on Blogexplosion? Well, the essay's due on Thursday. Cross fingers I'll do ok. I feel very cheeky writing and saying I've chosen someone's blog for my essay, but really I couldn't resist.

1 comment:

nodnoly said...

Wow that really sounds interesting!

What is hidden after every blogger... I would like to read that!!

Good luck with it!

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