Monday, September 05, 2011

A fairly eclectic bunch

Over the weekend I read about the website, I write like that analyses your writing and compares it to other authors. Of course I couldn't wait to try it out, and the results proved surprising, well at least they did to me.

I analysed several pieces and most of them are on here as blog posts, so if you're interested and can be bothered you're welcome to check them and see if you agree.

Alchemy of the macabre (i) - Dan Brown
Alchemy of the macabre (ii) - Charles Dickens
Alchemy of the macabre (iii) - Charles Dickens
Alchemy of the macabre (iv) - Mary Shelley
Interesting how each chapter, more or less, had different writers! I will say I'm flattered by the comparison and I was going for gothic, but I was trying to emulate Daphne DuMaurier.

The mediamakers - Margaret Mitchell. When I tried to read Gone with the Wind, sadly I couldn't get into it. Mind you, I had by then watched the movie many times over.

Flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow - William Gibson. His work The Difference Engine has been on my To Be Read list for some time now, but I'm yet to read anything by him.

Weekend at Amsterdam - H P Lovecraft, always been meaning to read his work, and now will have to push him further up the list.

The Netherlands - Emmen and the fictitius bicycle tour - Cory Doctorow, never heard of this writer, but looked him up on Librarything and realised that I enjoy his style of writing, so have now added him to my To Be Read folder.

What I've been reading lately - Eucalyptus by Murray Bail - Margaret Mitchell

What I've been reading lately - If on a winter's night by Italo Calvino - David Foster Wallace, I've never heard of this author and also looked him up on Librarything. Sounds enjoyable so will be reading him in the future.

I thought I'd do my most recent entry, Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld - and again got David Foster Wallace.

Finally I analysed my blog entry He has autism, as this is an extremely personal topic for me and therefore literally written from the heart. It was compared to Arthur Clarke.

So, I think a fairly electic bunch of writers and of course we must take these things we find on the internet with a grain of salt. I'm also of the opinion that my writing can be stylistically very different depending on what mood I am in. I'd also like to try an experiment of analysing an author's actual work and see if they get the same result! You would think they would as surely the analyser would have their work copied into the program?

If you try out the analyser for yourself, please let me know in the comments box what result you got as I'd be keen to know.

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