Friday, July 01, 2011

8am! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

I'm on semester break at the moment from uni. A few days ago semester two's timetable was released, and I'm going from a cushy two day a week - eleven to three - classes to two 8am starts. This is going to kill me!!! I have been blessed with two good sleepers. My son was sleeping through the night at four months and my daughter was three months. On our days of daycare and kinder I normally wake them up at around 7.30am. If we don't go anywhere ( I call it alarm-free days) then we wake up sometime between 8 and 9am. Yes, even with young children I get sleep-ins.

I've also had to ask for a day change at their daycare. My god it's like pulling teeth. But I wasn't taking no for an answer. Mind you, I'm still waiting for an answer! The director of the center asked me what would happen if she couldn't find them spots? I said I'd have to turn to my mum, but as she lives a half-hour away, it would prove to be difficult. Now to top it all off both my classes begin at 8am. The earliest I've ever had to be somewhere was 8.30am, and that was for my last job before having children.

I'm not looking forward to the early mornings, but who knows, maybe I will be completely turned around for the better.

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