Friday, July 28, 2006

Literature/Media Project

I have been asked to submit a Statement of Intention for this class this semester. The following is the statement:

HALM317 Literature/Media Project
Statement of Intention
I have been working on a detective mystery novel, off and on, for the past year. My Literature/Media Project will be continued writing of this novel, as well as conscientiously exploring the writing process. At present, the draft manuscript is close to 20’000 words, most of this writing taking place during the mid-year break 2006. My personal goal is to have the manuscript at least 50’000 words by the end of semester. I plan to use this project to structure my writing. I don’t expect my supervisor to read 50’000 words; therefore I will submit the following for assessment:
  • An outline of the plot
  • Profiles and brief biographies of the central characters
  • A bibliography and reference list of works consulted for the research of this novel
  • The first chapter as a final draft, or as near to it

My experience of this project will be documented on my weblog,

My hope is that the above will give a good framework to continue the novel to completion.

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